Replacing Garage Door Pico Rivera Cables – A Difficult, But Possible DIY Job

Your garage door cable is a critical component of your overall garage door system. These cables are also called torsion springs, although they are not actually springs until they are wound around the cable shaft. Technically, it is a cable until it is wound and then it becomes the torsion spring. This garage door element is constructed from sturdy steel wire, but as it wears over the years, it can become brittle and eventually break. When this happens, your garage door Pico Rivera  will not open.

The cables are located on the sides of your garage door Pico Rivera . These cables pass through pulleys which are used to lift your garage door. Since these cables can wear out, it is best to regularly inspect them and to keep them lubricated.

When you inspect the cables, look for loose wires or worn spots. If you notice anything wrong, you can choose to replace the cables before they break.

Replacing cables is not difficult and you should replace both cables at the same time. They are generally sold in pairs for this reason. These springs are under very high pressure, so it can be challenging to make the repair. If you are not familiar with the tools used to replace the cables, you should call a professional garage door installation company.

If you decide you can replace the cables yourself, the first step is to measure the current cables. These will be either seven or eight feet in length. If your cable is already broken, you might not be able to get a measurement. You might have to research your garage door to find out what type cables were used.

Once you have the new cables, you will remove the old springs and cables. Next, wind the new cable around the shaft using a winding cone. Once installed, you must check to ensure the garage door cable is working correctly. Open and close the garage door. If it is working smoothly, your replacement project was a success.