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Garage door repair please help me?
how do you adjust the two electric eyes od each side of door ?
the door goes up about 6 inches and stops then i push the remote againand it goes down about 6 inches it does it over as many times as you push the remote control. Please HELP…

Posted by Rick


The eyes function as the door closes to prevent anything from getting hurt as it is coming down.

I would do this test. Disconnect the door from the metal traveler that it’s hooked into by pulling down on the roped lever. Now press the remote and see if the traveler goes all the way to the opener, or if it stops near the door.

If it traveled all the way, the “up” force needs to be increased, or the door is binding and needs to be adjusted.
If it stopped near the door the open stop (limit switch)needs to be adjusted.

Either way, you should call a door company to service it.